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We start with connection because this is the launch pad for all meaningful growth. Connection to ourselves and each other opens us up to learn more deeply and experience more fully in our personal growth journey. Our 3-day workshop kicks off a 6 month intensive learning experience where shared learning underpins       individual growth.


As we learn about our own leadership and influence, we need tools and systems to figure out to practically incorporate change in our daily lives.  With a well-crafted system to support continued growth, clients are able to adjust behaviors for increased effectiveness.


The real works begins when we leave the safety of a deep, experiential environment and are confronted with old habits and a familiar narrative.  We provide tools and services that allow participants to continue transformation beyond the teaching experience and create sustainable change in their personal and professional settings.


At Choice Leadership is about establishing and evolving a way of leading in a responsive, creative and transformative way.  By leveraging proven tools and practices, our expert coaches guide leaders and influencers to operate more effectively, achieve better results from teams and create sustainable change in their personal and professional lives.  Through examining current ways of thinking and integrating tools for growth, our clients are able to more readily access new choices in each moment, making better decisions with clarity and purpose.


Our Services.


Our highly trained and experienced coaches work with you to develop a plan to achieve your personal and professional goals.  We believe this is an inside-out job.  Through one-on-one or group coaching, we help you examine your current way of showing up in the world, your belief systems and desired outcomes, guiding you through a process of discovering the best version of yourself and enabling you to unlock the door to discovering the freedom of living a life At Choice.

Contact us for a complimentary introductory session to see if coaching with Jennifer or Susan is right for you.


Our At Choice Leadership program is designed to guide you through a process of personal discovery where you are able to identify patterns that could be getting in the way of achieving your desired outcomes.  By creating environments where it is safe to explore and connect to others, we facilitate experiences in which you practice tools that illuminate your options and ability to create more choices in your world.  Our program offers a systematic approach to integration of this work in your daily lives and create new patterns for sustainable life change.

We offer programs for in-tact teams, leadership groups and women.  Contact us to learn more about how we can customize a program to fit your needs.


Research shows that approximately 80% of change efforts fail in organizations.  The issue is that leaders often focus on the wrong things.  Changing structure and process only temporarily addresses some of the problem and is not sustainable. Organizations have cultures.  They have heartbeats. They have collective beliefs and emotions.    To effectively move a business forward, we must think about how we think.  

Jennifer and Susan are uniquely qualified to work in and with companies that desire to make large-scale shifts to address the ever-changing market demands.  Let us know how we can best serve you in transforming your business.   

about US.

SUSAN TAYLOR​:  CEO, Generon International

Susan has devoted much of her life to exploring the deeper dimensions of human potential.  As CEO of Generon International, Susan collaborates with leaders, teams and organizations to create more effective, advanced, conscious contributions to business and society.

Susan is a certified group facilitator through Interaction Associates and a certified coach through CTA. She is ICF certified and a member of the ForbesCoaches Council, an invitation-only organization for successful business and career coaches. Susan’s expertise in Generative Dialogue and executive coaching are routinely applied as she works with executives to build organizational cultures that are values-based and purpose-driven.

Susan is a multi-contributor to Forbesand a champion for Conscious Capitalism, helping to cultivate businesses that are good, ethical, noble and heroic. Through advanced leadership development, Susan helps companies become more conscious through transformational experiences that inspire, educate and empower them to elevate humanity through business, helping to create a world in which business is both practiced and perceived as the greatest force for good.

Susan has two daughters, Carolanne and Erin, and currently resides on Hilton Head Island, SC with her life partner, Christopher Walsh.

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JENNIFER HEROLD​:  Chief Inspiration Officer, Vaughan Herold, LLC

Jennifer Herold is the founder of Vaughan Herold, a professional coaching and leadership development practice based in Dallas, Texas.  Her emphasis is on the transformation of individuals and teams, with an attention to self-awareness and awareness of others.  Jennifer works with clients to meet them wherever they are in their journey and provide them with a window in which to look beyond the barriers they encounter.  Through challenging mental models to unlocking options and opportunities for growth she works with clients to institute sustainable change. 


Jennifer started her professional career in marketing, working with various size organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies such as AutoTrader and Kodak.  In those roles, she has been successful in driving strategic change while building relationships both inside and outside the company.  From large-scale branding campaigns to facilitating industry-leading training and education initiatives, Jennifer worked closely with executive leadership to create awareness, engagement and adoption.  She is a natural communicator and has a native ability to connect with those she works with.


After almost 15 years in the corporate environment, she made the leap to follow her calling as an executive coach.  She is certified through Integral Coaching Canada and the International Coaching Federation.   Jennifer is also a skilled facilitator of the 16pf Questionnaire, the Leadership Circle Profile and is a certified TED* Practitioner.


Jennifer lives in Dallas with her husband and best friend, Dale, and they have two children, Drew and Haley.  

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At Choice Leadership was a truly transformational experience for me.  The learning process enabled me to systematically identify patterns of behavior that have caused me to stumble, both subtly and  dramatically throughout my life, and realize the choices that can unlock new results.  Susan and Jennifer created a warm and inviting environment for me to meet new friends, have fun and discover life-changing insights.  If you’re an accomplished woman who is experiencing a sense of being “stuck,” stalled out or uncertain of purpose, this is the workshop for you! 

Fiona Haworth

Director, Talent Development

The At Choice Leadership training workshop was deeply impactful and incredibly valuable on both a personal and professional level. The connections made with other women in the group, the insights gained, and the stories shared will remain with me for years to come. I am truly grateful for the learning experience Susan and Jennifer have created.

Samantha Goldstein

Culture Ambassador

I am not a “seasoned” participant of workshops, so attending At Choice Leadership for Women was definitely a new experience for me and an experience that I will forever be grateful to Susan and Jennifer for co-creating and facilitating.  Their combined knowledge, brilliant delivery, warmth and concern for the wellbeing of all participants was remarkable, and made my three day participation into  a life changing experience. “Life-changing experience” can be an overused expression, but not in my case… I started the workshop unsure of what I would do with my upcoming “empty-nester” life after my daughter went off to college this fall and how it would impact my professional and personal aspirations.  I left the workshop confident, energized and excited to see what my new chapter in life will bring.  I am happily focused on making choices and decisions that will allow me to fulfill my newly found purpose and my years of life ahead.  Again, my deepest gratitude to these two awesome women for their vision of ACL, bringing it to life, and for making a real difference in peoples’ lives

Joy Menyhert

Vice President,

The Menyhert Company